Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SALUTE TO: Miss California

Warrior in Christ
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BlingeeJesus salutes Miss California, Warrior in Christ, on standing up for "Opposite Marriage." This beauty queen gracefully sashayed out of her comfort zone of her closed-minded Republican clan straight into a fiery, confrontational pit of Conservatives Who Think Exactly Like Her Except For That Fag Judge And The Queen Who Does Her Hair Backstage to boldly declare to the viewing public that "…we live in a land where we can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage" (we don't) and that...oh by the way...she's exactly 100% against U.S. American gays enjoying basic civil rights that even her toothless uncle and his meth-addled girlfriend can enjoy at a drive-thru chapel in Primm, Nevada.

We salute your valor, Miss C, and the fact that you've jumped on the bandwagon of discriminating against those pesky gaytrons and lezbots, because discriminating against colored people is soooooooo twentieth century.

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