Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Congratulations to Miss Blingee Jesus!

Blingee Jesus would like to congratulate our mascot and favorite Real American Lady, Carrie Prejean, on her recent engagement! Carrie is going to marry a quarterback, driving her celestial vehicle on the glitter-encrusted road to our idol, Elisabeth Hasselbeck's, home town: Christpublican Village.

Let's help Carrie out with her wedding plans! This lovely dress is Pure Carrie:

We LOVE the huge tiara and daring decolletage of this ensemble! We hope Carrie has butterflies at her wedding, too!

Our winner today is this beautiful gown that shows off Carrie for the Princess she is, while highlighting her most important asset: Her womb!

We can't wait for Carrie and hubs to move into their sparkling mansion on White Street and start makin' babies! Fingers crossed they're a Quiverfull family!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Found on Blingee: We Love You, America

America has really come through for Blingee Jesus! Check out what our compatriots in Christ have been working on:

We're calling this one "Rolling With The J-Homies." (RIP Brittany!)

If we get Left Behind, we're going to be first in line for the Arm Wrestle Smackdown between Jesus and the Devil! Awesome!

Finally, get ready for Valentine's Day! We're spending it with our one true love: Jesus!